Introducing the Aya

A Legacy of Endurance and Resourcefulness

A Legacy of Endurance and Resourcefulness

Our new brand icon, a traditional African AYA, captures the essence of our journey, symbolizing endurance and resourcefulness.

The African Adinkra symbol–AYA–represents a fern, which gracefully and tenaciously thrives in unexpected places, withstanding the harshest climates and requiring minimal water to survive.

This captivating plant reminds us of our own story at Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park.

Just as the fern grows against all odds, Mitchelville has triumphed over adversity, and the fern’s
enduring roots run deep in the soil of perseverance. We strive to emulate the fern’s ability to
endure, flourish, and find beauty despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of African
Americans who paved the way for freedom and equality since its founding in 1862. We are
proud to be the guardians of this sacred ground, where history breathes and stories come alive.
Our new brand captures the evolution of our journey and represents the progressive spirit of growth and adaptability.

Experience the power of the AYA as it symbolizes our commitment to preserving history,
fostering growth, and cultivating a more inclusive future for all, as we protect, preserve and
celebrate Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, “Where Freedom Began.”

The Story

Our journey has taken us from our humble beginnings as a dream of many. Today, we embark on a transformative path, embracing a new look while remaining rooted in our rich heritage.

The Symbol

The African AYA symbol, in particular, represents a fern plant and carries the concept of endurance and resourcefulness. It signifies the ability to flourish and thrive even in adverse conditions.

The Connection

The connection between West Africa and the Lowcountry of South Carolina is deeply rooted in all aspects of cultural practices, religious beliefs, language, and traditions.

What Experts say

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